Honey Pots

Our food safe plastic pots are ideal for storing honey!

Bee Keeper

Victoria Packaging are proud to sell our containers to Bee Keepers both in the local area and across the country.

Plastic Honey Pots

Can plastic pots be used to store honey?

Our food safe plastic pots are ideal for storing honey. Unlike glass jars which are heavy and costly to ship, plastic pots are a cost effective way to transport your honey from the hive to the customer.

We know not everyone has the space for a full pallet of containers, this is why we are happy to sell smaller quantities to suit your needs.

Why is honey still sold in glass jars?

In most UK stores, honey is sold in glass jars. If you go over to Europe you’ll find that honey is usually sold in plastic pots. Both containers are fine for the honey. It is simply tradition and what the customer is used too that dictates the use of glass jars in the UK. But this is starting to change.

As costs increase we are finding more Apiarists are changing from glass to plastic because plastic doesn’t require as much storage space. The tapered pots nest inside each other so you can stack them neatly and safely. Buying the pots is also more cost effective as you are bringing in a box full of nested plastic pots opposed to a box of stacked glass jars. Instead of fitting 50 glass jars in a box you can fit 500 plastic pots making the carriage less expensive per pot.

Which size pot is best for selling or storing honey in?

That all depends on how much honey you would like to store. Any of our tubs are suitable for storing honey as they are all food safe and certified for food use. The examples below are simply some of the most popular sizes we sell to bee keepers.

Our 385ml clear and white pots come with a lovely honeycomb design running around the base of the pot. This makes them an ideal small container for your honey. They take a 92mm lid, have a tamper tab for security and an air tight seal for storage.

Our larger 1.2ltr clear pots with a carry handle are perfect for a larger quantity of honey or if you want to sell honey with a large piece of comb in the tub.

Our bee keeper customers also buy our 10.9 litre standard bucket. It is the ideal size to transport larger quantities of honey to be decanted into our smaller pots.

Bee in honeycomb