Home Brew Buckets

30 Litre Natural Buckets graduated to 25 litres with IML Scale

(6.5 Gallon)

Plastic Homebrew Bucket with Scale

Homebrew has always been very popular. With the new range of flavours that are available, having the perfect bucket to brew in is a must.

30 Litre IML Bucket

Our 30 litre (6.5 Gallon) bucket is purpose made for homebrew and is perfect for brewing beer or cider or wine. It is natural in colour rather than clear, so the light is diffused while the handy IML scale graduated to 25 litres lets you see the internal volume without having to open the lid to expose the contents to the air or light.

The buckets can be personalised to your brand on the opposite side to the scale using IML so your customers return when they need a refill. We also offer adhesive labels which you can stick to the buckets or any other product you sell!

Plastic Container or Glass Carboy?

The beauty of a plastic bucket rather than a glass carboy is they are much lighter so they are easier to move around. Also, because our buckets can be nested when empty, you can easily store them away until you decide to make your next batch of beer or wine.

Homebrew Bucket with scale

Plastic Fermentation Bucket

If you prefer no scale or want a white bucket for fermentation, our most popular sized buckets for home brewing are 25 litres and 33 litres (6-7 gallons). The 25 litre has a plastic handle and the 33 litre comes with a sturdy metal handle and a roller grip for comfort.

Any of our premium buckets are perfect as home brew fermentation buckets. From 5 litres up to 60 litres we have the right size of bucket for the job.

If you want more information regarding volume or dimensions you can see them here .

Alternatively, email us at sales@victoriapackaging.co.uk  where we can help.

33 Litre Bucket 7 Gallon Bucket

Branded Home Brew Buckets

If you are looking to sell your own buckets or kits on a larger scale we can help. We can provide your buckets with your custom IML. You can have your bucket branded, whilst still being able to see the contents through the windows.

We were contacted by The Malt Miller, a long time customer of ours, asking if we could produce their own brand of home brew buckets to sell in their shop. As you can see from the photo the finished product is amazing. It appears to be a metal fermenter with a pressure gauge. It is, in fact, a 30 litre standard natural plastic bucket with a metal handle!

Contact us if you are interested in your own brand of high quality buckets.

Home Brew Bucket IML

Adhesive Labels

If you would like to promote your brand on your packaging but don’t have the need for the minimum order quantity needed for IML or would like to brand more than one size of bucket, then our adhesive labels* may be what you are looking for. The labels we offer are produced by one of the countries leading label manufacturers. All we need is your artwork, we will then deal with the label company on your behalf. The labels will be despatched to you on a roll along with your buckets leaving you to use them as you wish.

The Home Brew Shop have been a customer of ours for many years. They wanted to label their plain buckets to promote their brand but IML didn’t work for them. We suggested labels, they sent the artwork and we did the rest. They now buy two different sizes of labels and use them on their fermenting buckets and other items they sell.

Contact us if you are interested in labelling your packaging.

*labels are only available as an addon when ordering buckets or pots.

Home Brew 30ltr bucket 25ltr scale