Plastic Buckets for Freezer Use

Our pots and buckets are made from polypropylene (PP) plastic. The properties of PP mean it is an ideal plastic to make containers with as it has high strength and good temperature resistance. By adding a resin they are also ideal plastic buckets for freezer use.

However, this doesn’t mean that our buckets and pots will have those same high strength properties when subjected to extreme temperatures.

If you need container to be freezer safe, please contact us

We can provide containers made especially for freezer use

containers for the freezer

We can provide plastic buckets and plastic pots for freezer use

Freezer grade polypropylene vs normal polypropylene

Freezing conditions require special resins which are available on request. These special resins are a mixture of polymers that increase the glass transition temperature (Tg) of the plastic. The Tg is the temperature at or above which the molecular structure exhibits macromolecular mobility. In layman’s terms, the point at which the plastic goes from a rigid to flexible. Or in the case of freezing, it’s the temperature when the rigid solid bucket becomes brittle and fragile.

If you wish to use our pots of buckets in the freezer please let us know

If you need containers for freezer use, please contact us. We can offer you the same range as on our products page, but manufactured for you in freezer grade plastic, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your food safe containers are suitable for freezing conditions.

The lids for our buckets and pots are also available to be produced using freezer grade plastic, so your product will remain fresh and securely packaged at low temperatures.