Colour and IML Decoration

Custom Packaging for your business

 A logo, image or information can be integrated with the bucket, creating a scratch-resistant and photo-realistic image. We can match buckets, lids and handles to your companies unique shade for a truly bespoke packaging solution.

What Is IML?

IML (In Mould Labelling) is a technique where a pre-printed Polypropylene label is placed into the mould of an end product. In the case of our buckets and pots the label is placed directly into the mould during production as you can see in our demonstration video below. Molten Polypropylene is then added, where it fuses with the label. This results in the plastic packaging and the label becoming one.

Benefits of IML

In mould labels resist humidity and big changes in temperature making it the best solution to decorate plastic containers for frozen and refrigerated products. In mould labels are also scratch resistant, cannot crack and are not susceptible to wrinkles like a paper label.

IML can be modified very easily. If an ingredient or barcode changes the design of the label can be altered without needing to re-produce the whole design.

The printing technique ensures high-resolution images. All the sides of a container can be decorated with one single label.

IML is environmentally friendly

IML is good for the environment as the label and packaging can be fully recycled as they are made from the same material.

Custom printed packaging – In Mould Labelling

Get your brand noticed with custom printed packaging

High quality in mould labelling (IML) involves a pre-printed sheet being fused with the container or lid whilst in the mould during the injection process. This not only gives photo realistic printing but also the added bonus that your label will not peel off.

Transparent labels can be used with clear or coloured buckets. This leaves a scratch resistant finish.

We offer orange peel labels or smooth transparent labels to give the finish you prefer.

IML are available throughout our pot and bucket ranges including lids. IML packaging has a high quality finish and a long lasting print.

Home Brew Bucket IML

Custom Adhesive Labels

Branded Self-Adhesive Labels

We work alongside a leading UK producer of labels to offer the very best high quality self adhesive label. There are various sizes and types of labels available with a plastic coating for water resistance.

The labels are produced using your existing artwork or we can help you design your label from your logo.

Please note – self adhesive labels are an add-on product only, we don’t sell them without an order of buckets or pots.

Home Brew 30ltr bucket 25ltr scale