Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Buckets

A range of buckets manufactured from recycled plastic specially for the non-food industries. They are made from 100% recycled material, produce 90% less CO2 emissions compared to virgin material containers and are fully customisable with In Mould Labelling.

Recycled Plastic Buckets – PCR

We are proud to introduce our range of post consumer recycled buckets. Available in light grey, medium grey, dark grey, black, cappuccino and green. Recycled containers are designed for use in all non-food environments, such as paint, chemicals, surface coatings etc.

Our PCR is made from packaging waste that comes from consumers, organisations and businesses. This waste is collected, sorted and then processed into new raw material (granulate) by recycling companies. The manufacturer purchases these recycled granules and melts them down into new buckets, using exactly the same process as they do for new (virgin) material.

Each buckets produces 90% less CO2 emissions during the manufacturing process compared to its virgin material equivalent and it is fully sustainable. Also, PCR buckets are exempt from the new plastic packaging tax that is being implemented by the UK government in April 2022.

Our PCR buckets are available is 6 colours; light grey, medium grey, dark grey, black, cappuccino and green.

PCR Round Buckets
DescriptionItem CodeVolume (litre)Brimful (litre)Top Ø (mm)Base Ø (mm)Height (mm)Information Sheet
2.5 litre StandardB02.5S/PCR/02.5/3.143.41200174137
5.0 litre StandardB05.0S/PCR/05.0/5.345.81238202171
5.5 litre StandardB05.5S/PCR/05.0/5.876.35238202186
10.3 litre StandardB10.3S/PCR/10.3/11.3312.28290254228
15.0 litre StandardB15.0S/PCR/10.3/15.4716.43290249312
15.5 litre Standard B15.5S/PCR/15.5/15.8717.0328283260
16.0 litre PremiumB16.0P/PCR/25.0/17.617.6341283273
16.0 litre StandardB16.0S/PCR/15.5/17.118.2328280281
20.5 litre StandardB20.5S/PCR/15.5/2122.1326272350
PCR Rectangle Buckets
DescriptionItem CodeVolume (litre)Brimful (litre)Top Ø (mm)Base Ø (mm)Height (mm)Information Sheet
5.5 RectangularBRE05.5P/PCR/04.0/5.395.77262×186227×131170
16.0 RectangularBRE16.0P/PCR/10.0/16.8317.75367×237320×190285
17.0 RectangularBRE17.0P/PCR/17.0/17.318.7395×295340×255218
PCR Square Buckets
DescriptionItem CodeVolume (litre)Brimful (litre)Top Ø (mm)Base Ø (mm)Height (mm)Information Sheet
2.5 Square HighBSQ02.5PH/PCR/02.5/2.742.95160×160131×131165
2.5 Square LowBSQ02.5PL/PCR/05.0/3.253.61199×199166×166125

All other buckets may be available in PCR upon request.

Please contact us  to find out if the size you need can be manufactured in PCR.

Please be aware:

Due to the need for strength during stacking and carrying, lids and handles are only made out of 100% recyclable virgin PP.

PCR buckets are not to be used for food, hot fill or freezing.

Recycled Buckets PCR Recycled Buckets
Recycled Buckets PCR Recycled Buckets