Screw Close 5 litre Bucket

Screw Top Buckets

The Screw-Top series is a robust range of re-sealable and re-usable containers from 0.5 litres to 52 litres in capacity. Fitted with screw-top lids with integrated air and watertight seals. The containers in this series are designed for all common applications in which a higher level of security is essential. The robust design and unique sealing system provide optimum storage and protection for your product.

UN buckets are available in the Screw closure range, please view our UN page or UN blog for more information on the certified range of buckets for transporting hazardous materials.

Manufactured to BRC standards.

Screw-Top buckets are currently not a stock item and are produced to order. The minimum order for the Screw-Top range is a full pallet.

Please contact us for more information.

DescriptionItem CodeVolume (litres)Top Ø (mm)Base Ø (mm)Height (mm)Pallet QuantityInformation Sheet
500ml Screw Top BucketBSC05.0P/0.5/0.5139109663600
1.0 litre Screw Top Bucket – HighBSC01.0PH/0.8/1113951413600
1.0 litre Screw Top Bucket – LowBSC01.0P/0.5/1.11391021303600
2.5 litre Screw Top Bucket BSC02.5P/02.5/3.22071501801200
5.0 litre Screw Top Bucket BSC05.0P/05.0/6.5246186233600
10.0 litre Screw Top Bucket BSC10.0P/10.0/10.9299227262500
12.0 litre Screw Top Bucket BSC12.0P/10.0/12.9302222315500
16.0 litre Screw Top Bucket BSC16.0P/16.0/17.4345260319200
20.0 litre Screw Top Bucket BSC20.0P/16.0/21347253392200
25.0 litre Screw Top Bucket BSC25.0P/25.0/27.9414314355150
33.0 litre Screw Top Bucket BSC33.0P/25.0/35.4412303468150
40.0 litre Screw Top Bucket BSC40.0P/52.0/4345733847860
52.0 litre Screw Top Bucket BSC52.0P/52.0/5245732958560