UN 5 litre Bucket - Metal Handle

UN Buckets

The storage and transport of chemical substances are subject to strict rules and regulations. Victoria Packaging supplies UN-approved, round buckets for the chemical industry. UN certification guarantees high quality packaging that remains intact and fully sealed, even under demanding conditions.

UN certification is a quality mark issued by the UN Committee on the Transport of Dangerous Goods which fall within the ADR Regulation. UN buckets are tested by independent laboratories to show they are approved to contain hazardous materials. The four key tests are the drop test, the leak proof test, the stacking test, and the hydrostatic pressure (vapour pressure) test.

Victoria Packaging Ltd offers buckets with the UN internationally recognized safety label from 3 litres up to 60 litres. The Premium UN and Screw Top UN series provide the assurance that the strict UN standards for this class of solids and granules are met.

Manufactured to BRC standards.

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DescriptionItem CodeVolume (litres)Top Ø (mm)Base Ø (mm)Height (mm)Pallet QuantityInformation Sheet
3.0 litre Premium UN BucketB03.0PL/05.0/—UN3.3249210108800
5.0 litre Premium UN BucketB05.0P/05.0/—UN52362022031000
10.0 litre Premium UN BucketB10.P/10.0/—UN10.9297247229600
16.0 litre Premium UN BucketB16.0P/25.0/—UN17.6341283262350
60.0 litre Premium UN BucketB60.0P/30.0/—UN62.5463362565125
5.0 litre Screw Top UN BucketBSC05.0P/05.0/—UN6.5246186233600
10.0 litre Screw Top UN BucketBSC10.0P/10.0/—UN10.9299227262500
12.0 litre Screw Top UN BucketBSC12.0P/10.0/—UN12.9302222315500
16.0 litre Screw Top UN BucketBSC16.0P/16.0/—UN17.4345260319200
20.0 litre Screw Top UN BucketBSC20.0P/16.0/—UN21347253392200
25.0 litre Screw Top UN BucketBSC25.0P/25.0/—UN27.9414314355150
40.0 litre Screw Top UN BucketBSC40.0P/52.0/—UN4345733847860
52.0 litre Screw Top UN BucketBSC52.0P/52.0/—UN5245732958560