Tamper Proof Containers

What is a Tamper Evident Pot or Bucket?

For a product to be secure and to prevent contamination it should be packaged in a tamper proof container.

tamper evident tab

Tamper Evident Tab

A tape seal around the cap or lid of your product is a warranty closure. However, it could be damaged, torn or worse, replaced. Products can be sent in a sealed box, but when the contents are taken out are they still secure? The easiest way to ensure security is to use a container with a tamper evident or a warranty closure.

A tamper tab or strip cannot be re-attached after removal. It is the perfect visual way to know if the lid of a pot or bucket has been removed.

For sustainability, the container and lid can still be used repeatedly, albeit without warranty because the tab or strip has been removed.

Our range of standard buckets and premium pots all have a tamper evident tab and our pharmaceutical pots all have a security strip. We don’t charge more to provide a tamper tab or strip.

Our downloadable pdf for each of our containers on the product page indicates the type of security tab or strip that will come with the pot or bucket.

Tamper Evident Tab

A small plastic tab which needs to be broken off to remove the lid once it has been pushed firmly into place. It is a visible and tactile way to see if the pot or bucket has been opened.

Tamper Evident Strip

A tear around strip. Once the lid has been pushed firmly into place it ensures the lid can only be removed by tearing off the strip. The strip is fully removed leaving behind a smooth rim.