High Quality Plastic Buckets

A range of high quality food grade plastic buckets with a patented sealing system, a food-safe anti-static coating and three choices of lids; standard, stackable and stackable plus.

This exclusive range of ES plastic buckets is only available in the UK from Victoria Packaging Limited.

Please note – These are currently not stock items and have to be produced to order.

The ES bucket range is available from 2.3 litres up to 16.0 litres*

The ES bucket and lid range meets high standards of seal integrity, product protection and ease of opening.  The buckets have a highly detailed finish and a well thought out design which includes minimizing the weight of the bucket, reducing the plastic content while optimizing the performance.

  • Patented seal facilitates removing the lid from the plastic pail while also providing a tamper evidence function.
  • Suited for both food products and chemical products.
  • Made from food-grade polypropylene with a food safe approved anti-static coating.
  • Optional plastic or metal handle that sits on the collar at the rim of the pail. This thoughtful design results in a completely free surface that can be used for IML.
  • The range includes PCR buckets. The B03.4ES/197/ and B11.6ES/292/ are produced in PCR as standard.  Please contact us for other sizes as they are being introduced as demand requires.

*16 litre bucket is coming Autumn/Winter 2022

With four lid designs, we can offer you the best choice for your needs.

  • ES is the standard food safe lid. The lid is completely sealed, easy to reseal and has an edge to centre the pails during transport.
  • ESS further strengthens the stacking function for storage as well as during transport with the help of the specially designed ribs on the lid. The lid is designed with an elevated panel that secures the stacked pails during transport. It also has a trench and lip on the underside to keep the seal on the lid free from the contents of the pail and keeps it dry during transport.
  • ESS+ has all of the design features of the ESS. It also features a patented anti-­flecking function on the underside. This tactile feature prevents paint or other substances from peeling while it is being used
  • ESH manufactured specifically for hot filling. This lid can be used with paint and foods. The lid helps release pressure during filling of hot substances. The depth of the lid also gives it high stacking strength when filled.
Stackable Bucket and Lid

ES Bucket with ES Lid

Stackable Plastic Bucket

ES Bucket with ESS Lid

DescriptionItem CodeVolume (litres)Top Ø (mm)Height (mm)Pallet QuantityInformation Sheet
2.3 litre ES BucketB02.3ES/197/2.51971061152
3.2 litre ES Bucket B03.2ES/197/3.41971421056
3.4 litre ES Bucket B03.4ES/197/3.61971561056
5.0 litre ES BucketB05.0ES/224/5.3224177756
5.6 litre ES BucketB05.6ES/224/5.9224201756
8.4 litre ES BucketB08.4ES/269/8.9269194416
9.6 litre ES BucketB09.6ES/292/10.2292191352
11.2 litre ES BucketB11.2ES/269/11.6269261390
11.6 litre ES BucketB11.6ES/292/12.3292418250
12.2 litre ES BucketB12.2ES/292/12.8292240330
14.4 litre ES BucketB14.4ES/292/15.0292292308
16.0 litre ES BucketB16.0ES/292/TBC292312TBCCOMING SOON
DescriptionItem CodeVolume (litres)Top (mm)Height (mm)Pallet QuantityInformation Sheet
5.8 litre ESR BucketB05.8ESR/294X198/6.0294 x 198150608
12.5 litre ESR Bucket B12.5ESR/380X240/14.1380 x 240 197252
17.0 litre ESR Bucket B17.0ESR/380X286/17.0380 x 286220216
DescriptionItem CodeVolume (litres)Top (mm)Height (mm)Pallet QuantityInformation Sheet
4.8 litre ESO BucketB04.8ESO/304X190/4.8304 x 190140.5704
11.6 litre ESO Bucket B11.6ESO/336X248/11.6336 x 248228310
Colours Available for plastic buckets


The food safe ES buckets are available in the following colours:

White               Yellow               Red               Green               Blue               Silver               Gold               Black (moq 4 pallets)

The Non-Food PCR buckets are available in:

Soft Grey               Dark Grey

For more information regarding these or any of our bucket or pot ranges, please contact us