Sustainability & Recycling

We understand the importance that our products are not only sustainable but also recyclable and re-useable.

We are all aware of the issue surrounding single use plastic, and we all know the words sustainability and recycling. These issues are very important to everyone and as a supplier of plastic products, we take these matters very seriously.

Recyclable and Re-useable

This is why we are committed to promoting our products as recyclable and re-useable. Every pot, bucket, lid or cap we sell can be 100% recycled or reused. Once a tamper seal has been broken the container and lids can still be used.

IML is produced from polypropylene and therefore can be recycled along with the bucket or pot. It is easier to recycle an IML container than a cardboard or plastic lined pot as it is one item to recycle with no separation involved.

Recycled Buckets

Depending on the application you require we can provide buckets made from post consumer recycled material. Our current range that can be seen here.

We are actively researching food safe recycled pots and hope to have something in place in the near future.

Recycle the Bucket

If you can’t use recycled, then we suggest it is re-used or disposed of correctly so it can be recycled. All of the buckets and pots we sell are 100% recyclable, so can be turned into PCR.

Our food safe buckets are not made from recycled plastic. The chance of contamination from what they contained previously or what the plastic was used for before is too great a to risk to be certified as food safe. Our food safe buckets are 100% virgin plastic. Manufacturers are striving towards a fully recycled food safe plastic container. There are many alternatives on the market at present, but there are draw backs. The natural plant based pots have a limited shelf life. The recycled PET plastic cannot be hot filled.
At this moment, for food use, there is no alternative to the robustness and versatility of the virgin polypropylene plastic bucket or pot, but as soon as there is we will be sure to offer it.

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