Rectangle 6 litre Bucket

Rectangular Buckets

A range of rectangular plastic tubs and buckets perfectly designed to stack and nest to make optimum use of space whether one size is used or several sizes together.
Manufactured to BRC standards this range is ideal for applications where storage capacity and transport volume need to be minimised.

They have strong ergonomic handle grips with additional plastic handles also available. Tamper evident tabs are available.

Colours and IML are available subject to minimum order quantities.

Square buckets ranging from 1.2 litres up to 10 litres are available to order, please contact us for pricing and availability.

Please contact us for more information.
DescriptionItem CodeVolume (ltr)Brimful (ltr)Top (mm)Base (mm)Height (mm)Pallet QtyInformation Sheet
600ml Rectangular BucketBRE0.600P/0.7/0.60.76192×129177×115394680
750ml Rectangular BucketBRE0.750P/0.7/0.750.91192×129177×115484680
1.2 litre Rectangular BucketBRE01.2P/0.7/1.21.36192×129177×111734680
2.0 litre Rectangular BucketBRE02.0P/0.20/22.23225×165208×148762640
2.5 litre Rectangular BucketBRE02.5P/05.0/2.73.22291×194256×164901000
5.0 litre Rectangular BucketBRE05.0P/05.0/5.656.13286×194255×153150800
6.0 litre Rectangular BucketBRE06.0P/05.0/6.537.02286×194255×153170700
6.2 litre Rectangular BucketBRE06.2P/10.4/6.46.75287×193250×160167800
8.7 litre Rectangular BucketBRE08.7P/10.4/8.89.24287×193250×159229800
10.4 litre Rectangular BucketBRE10.4P/10.4/10.411287×193247×155272800
12.0 litre Rectangular BucketBRE12.0P/17.0/12.113.6395×295338×253159290
17.0 litre Rectangular BucketBRE17.0P/17.0/17.318.7395×295340×255218250
18.0 litre Rectangular BucketBRE18.0P/18.0/20.9522.51398×296339×251253400
20.0 litre Rectangular BucketBRE20.0P/17.0/2223.4395×295337×252275210
26.0 litre Rectangular BucketBRE26.0P/17.0/27.128.6395×295324×239348190
33.0 litre Rectangular BucketBRE33.0P/17.0/34.235.7395×295317×232445150