5 litre Bucket - Tamper Evident

Standard Buckets

A successful and extensive range of tubs and buckets manufactured to BRC standards from virgin polypropylene with polypropylene lids they are specifically designed for use in the food industry where weight, quality and efficiency play and important role, the tamper evident seal is designed to stay attached to the bucket to not contaminate the contents. All buckets in our premium and standard ranges are suitable for all types of aqueous, acidic and alcoholic foods, foods which contain free fats at the surface and milk products.

The containers have a tamper evident seal. 300ml up to 0.8 litre are without handles, 1.1 litre up to 10.9 litres come with a strong plastic handle as standard. Metal handles and no handles are also available.

Colours and IML are available on the range subject to minimum order quantities.

Our blog post Examples of the Ideal Pot or Bucket for your Product can help if you are not sure which size bucket is best for your requirements.

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DescriptionItem CodeVolume (ltr)Brimful (ltr)Top Ø (mm)Base Ø (mm)Height (mm)Pallet QtyInformation Sheet
300ml Standard TubB0.300S/0.300/0.310.3492786512000
500ml Standard TubB0.500S/0.800/0.50.5711594764640
800ml Standard TubB0.800S/0.800/0.860.92115921273680
1.1 litre Standard TubB01.1S/01.5/1.141.281471241002112
1.8 litre Standard TubB01.8S/01.5/1.932.061471231621232
2.5 litre Standard BucketB02.5S/02.5/3.143.412001741371500
3.3 litre Standard BucketB03.3S/05.7/3.373.692202081151380
3.4 litre Standard BucketB03.4S/2.4/3.573.98196166170171COMING SOON
5.5 litre Standard BucketB05.5S/05.0/5.876.35238202186700
5.7 litre Standard BucketB05.7S/05.7/5.762201931921380
6.0 litre Standard BucketB06.0S/05.0/6.677.14238200211212COMING SOON
8.7 litre Standard BucketB08.7S/10.9/8.839.45272234206900
10.3 litre Standard BucketB10.3S/10.3/11.3312.28290254228230COMING SOON
10.4 litre Standard BucketB10.4S/10.4/10.9411.85280232256450
10.9 litre Standard BucketB10.9S/10.9/10.911.6272232255405/840
16 litre Standard BucketB16.0S/15.5/17.118.2328280281282COMING SOON
20.5 litre Standard BucketB20.5S/15.5/2122.1326272350352COMING SOON
25 litre Standard BucketB25.0S/30.0/26.528.8382325323325COMING SOON
30 litre Standard Bucket (with or without IML scale)B30.0S/25.0/31.8734.23370307420128