In Mould Labelling (IML)

Welcome to our quick guide to In Mould Labelling (IML).

The video below shows part of the production process of IML being applied to our 30 litre natural standard bucket for The Malt Miller. They wanted a personalised bucket for their Home Brew company and the results were fantastic.

At Victoria Packaging we can help find the perfect plastic packaging for your requirements and along with the manufactures artwork team, we can help with the design for your buckets and pots. We offer a range of coloured plastic buckets and pots as standard and can also produce to a specific pantone (subject to minimum order quantities).  Have a look at our Colour and IML Decoration page to find out more.

What is In Mould Labelling (IML)

In Mould Labelling or IML for short is the term for when a product label is within the packaging rather than being applied after the packaging has been produced. It was first developed to supply pre-labelled bottles that could be filled on the production filling line making the process to manufacture more proficient. The first product to have IML packaging was Head & Shoulders shampoo bottles.

A plastic label is placed into the packaging’s mould during the bucket or pot being produced. Molten plastic (in our case polypropylene) is then added to fuse the label and bucket or pot together.

Why use IML?

IML isn’t an adhesive label stuck on after production that can tear or be taken off. IML resists humidity and big changes in temperature making it the best solution to decorate plastic containers for frozen and refrigerated products. IML won’t soak off in water or scratch off. The label won’t wrinkle or crack over time and won’t separate like a plastic coated paper label.

As it’s made from polypropylene it is safe to use for food and non-food.

If you need to make an alteration to the design IML can be modified easily. If an ingredient or barcode changes, the design of the label can be altered without needing to re-produce the whole design.

The printing technique ensures high-resolution images and all the sides of a container can be decorated with one single label. We can IML the lid to give complete personalisation to your packaging.

IML is environmentally friendly

IML is good for the environment. The label and packaging can be fully recycled as they are made from the same material. IML can be added to PCR buckets and virgin plastic. IML is easier to recycle for the consumer, no need to tear off labels to separate the container from the cardboard or plastic wrap, just pop it into the plastic recycle bin!

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