PCR – Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Containers.

Single use, throw away plastic is a huge problem all over the planet. There are constant reports of plastic floating in the sea and the damage it causes. This is why solutions are being sought to stop the single use, throw-away culture and either re-use or re-cycle.

To help control single use plastics – Switch to Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Containers.

PCR stands for Post Consumer Recycled. PCR is a raw material made from plastic packaging that has already been used.
As no fossil raw materials are used in the manufacture of PCR, the CO2 emissions during production are reduced by up to 90%. This translates into enormous gains in the achievement of global sustainability goals.

Non- Food Use Only

Post Consumer Recycled Plastic Containers are only for non-food sectors. There is a risk of migration. Migration is the transfer of substances from the packaging to the packaged goods. Solutions are being sought in order to develop and eventually use buckets made from sustainable raw materials in the food industry.

PCR Container Range

We have an exciting new range of PCR buckets in round, rectangle and square.  Currently sizes range from 2.5 litre up to 20.5 litres. If you need a size we don’t currently have details for in PCR please get in touch to see if we can produce your current bucket in PCR.

We can currently supply 6 colours in PCR plastic, light grey, medium grey, dark grey, black, cappuccino and green. The most popular at present are light grey, dark grey and black.

PCR Grey and Black

There is the possibility of more and especially lighter colours becoming available in the future.

PCR Black 12 Litre Rectangle Bucket